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Here are a few thoughts I would like to share. Please feel free to comment and expound. Yes, you can vent!

1. What are your feelings about the many gun shows with limited or no background checks for individuals to purchase assault weapons? Yes, you have a right to bear arms, but do you feel this is the right way to do it and do you feel safe?

2. There were many “Tea Parties” last week. Did you participate and if you did can you share your experience? What message do you want to send to this Administration and Congress?

3. What can the U.S. do to protect the freighters on open waters against piracy?  FreighterAre they doing all they can do? What should be done to the pirates once apprehended?

4. Were we sold a lie when we voted in state lotteries? If they are so great and contribute so much to our school system, why are our schools in such a mess financially?

5. Why do we pay sports figures so much? Wouldn’t it be better if they were paid based on their production and not just because they have a contract? baseball_gloveMore of an incentive-based pay structure. Baseball, basketball and football players should be paid more like golfers. If golfers don’t play well, they don’t get paid. That’s an incentive!

6. Ever scramble to get to a scheduled doctors appointment and then sit for an hour? Maybe we should receive compensation or a reduction on our bill when you wait more than 15 minutes. What do you think?

7. Why are drivers terrible everywhere?  DriversAre we too busy and distracted to grant courtesy to other drivers? What about just being safe on the roads today?

8. It kind of bugs me that sports figures claim they are not role models. Well, no matter what you say, kids will try to emulate everything you do. So whether you like it or not, you are a role model. But what kind of a role model are you?

9.  Have you ever noticed when watching television that all the commercials are synchronized? It is a conspiracy to stop viewers from channel surfing. I still surf!

10. Why do so many people in Hollywood, especially many women, love the bad boy example of men? What happens to all the good guys?

11. What has happened to customer service? Yes, the economy is bad and unemployment is at record levels, but it seems that common courtesy and customer service would help bolster business especially in this competitive environment.

12. Why is it that in any given sport, the final match is never as good as the playoffs? Makes you wonder how some teams got there in the first place.

13. What has happened to homeowner associations today? home They have got some of the most ridiculous rules. You can hardly be yourself anymore. Oh, OK, now I see why that could be a problem. Just kidding!


C’mon, share your thoughts and feel free to vent about these or other thoughts. Talk to me.

Whatever happened to customer service? Customer Service 1


Yesterday, I walked into a restaurant and the hostess took me to a booth to be seated. Noticing that there was water on the seat I asked the hostess for something to wipe it up with.


Now, had I been the hostess I would have gotten a cloth and wiped it off for the customer. But the hostess returned with two paper napkins and handing them to me said, “Here ya go.”


That’s just a small, but telling, example of the extent of the decline in customer service that exists in the US. Restaurant customers should not have to clean up the table (or seat) from the previous customer. This young hostess probably didn’t even realize that what she was doing was asking the customer to finish busing the table. But in effect she was.


Other areas where poor customer service seems to be rampant: long delays in doctors’ waiting rooms even though you have an appointment; auto technicians who fix your car just enough to get it running while ignoring other obvious problems (because they are swamped or it’s not the issue you brought it in for); office workers who continually give priority to the customers on the ringing phone even though you walked up to their desk first. This is not a condemnation of all those employed in these occupations, but only a few examples of common challenges that customers face in getting service every day.


Regardless of how often social media sites say they “get it” when it comes to audience engagement and interaction, customer service seems to be a challenge for them as well. Despite the popularization of incidents like Dell Hell, there seems to have been little impact on many companies in the technology realm in terms of paying attention to customer service or making it a priority. Although Dell managed to turn around it’s customer service issues (see IdeaStorm), many sites expect customers who have questions or problems to use FAQs, help forums started and maintained by other customers, or an outside company that may or may not respond to your question (there are no ramifications for them if they don’t respond since it’s not their site that you had a question about).


It used to be that companies thought about how to handle customer service before they launched, before they even opened their doors. Now, it’s left up to the customers to either figure it out on their own, or spend hours looking for a company representative to talk to who may have an ulterior motive (sales) for talking to you.


All this to say that the status of customer service in the US has declined to an alarming low and there doesn’t seem to be any end to it.


In my book, that’s not service.


What do you think? What has your experience with customer service been like?