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To See Me

Posted: January 14, 2015 by kibler in Uncategorized
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For so long…looking into the mirror
I saw only a reflection of an image,
a stranger looking back at me.

When looking into my eyes,
I saw only an emptiness, a void.

Woman Looking at ReflectionBeneath those eyes were many fears,
fears of pain,
fears of sorrow,
feelings of no hope.

How could I not know this face before me,
as I stood looking at the image in the mirror?

Where was this person that I used to be,
why couldn’t I see?

Turning again looking into the mirror,
I saw my life,
one that had gone out
like a candle being extinguished.

All my pride,
my joy,
my hopes,
my desires,
my passion,
all was gone.

What reflected back from that mirror
was a stranger looking back at me.

Standing there feeling so alone,
lost and confused,
the fear set in, where was this person
I called ME?

Walking away from that image,
never wanting to look again,
my life continued on.

Over time I found myself looking in
that mirror again.
Yet this time when I looked,
what reflected back to me
was a face, my face,
my eyes filled with hope,
a burning love,
a pride of being me,
a passion for living.
No longer a darkness did I see,
for out of my eyes a light was shining,
a reflection of ME!

For you see
I was no longer a stranger
to Me!

Yet there still is that pain deep within,
that pain has taken on
a new meaning in my life.

Through the tears
countless hours of feeling alone,
those hours I screamed out and no one heard
slowly through that pain and confusion
emerged the real me.

It took all those disappointments and life hurts
to make me stop
and look at the real Me!!

No longer am I just an image in a mirror
I am a reflection of my life,
those hurts,
those joys,
that hope,
that burning passion,
that endless love.

I see now the true image
the image of Me!

~Deb Montgomery

“Light of the Storm”    Image

Light of the Storm
When The Storms Of Life Are Raging,
and the clouds are all around,
and you think your all alone,
just take a look around.

When there is no one there to talk to
and you’re feeling sad and blue
and you think no one will listen,
I’ll be the light in the storm for you.

Even though we’ve never met,
or heard each others voice,
Our friendship is from the heart, not sight,
And it can span the miles.

We are all one winged angels,
it makes it impossible to fly,
But if we embrace each other,
we can span the sky.

The next time you’re feeling lonely,
and the storms are beating you down,
just come online and find me,
and I will take away your frown.

Author Unknown


The one thing we can count on in life is change. We usually have an aversion to, and even a fear of, change. Sometimes change is inevitable. Sometimes change is needed and should be accepted. Why then do we resist it so much?  

I think the answer lies in control. We have difficulty with change because we perceive it to be a loss of control. Change is not bad and at times is a source of rejuvenation. It provides zest in our lives. It challenges what it touches, forcing adaptation and improvement. It realigns you with your values.

How then do we accept change and incorporate it into our life so that it is acceptable?

1. Recognize
2. Reflect
3. Release
4. Replace
5. Reprogram
6. Re-Integration

First, recognize that change is necessary. It may manifest itself as discomfort, either physical or emotional. You may notice tension or stress, or disrupted sleep. Your appetite may change or you may become impatient, frustrated or discontent.  This lets you know that something must change in your life. The question is then asked, “What must change?”

This is a good time to reflect on your life. What is the source of the discomfort or stress? You must discover what is affecting you emotionally and physically in a negative way. Upon reflection you must remind yourself of your purpose. Discover what is not in agreement with your values or what contradicts or inhibits your growth and pursuit of your purpose.

After you have identified what stresses you or inhibits your life, release it. You must let go of that which is holding you back. When you release this frustration and stress you will notice a change and a difference within you, a spaciousness of freedom.

Now, this sense of spaciousness may in fact begin to feel like an emptiness that needs to be filled. You have the option to replace the negative which wasn’t serving you, with a positive: something that is more aligned with your core values. You must make the choice to be positive and proactive in filling that emptiness.

Once the detrimental aspect has been replaced with something positive, reprogramming is necessary. You must learn how to incorporate this new dynamic into your life. You have the opportunity now to reprogram the way you think and live more positively, relieving your life from stress and frustration you have been dealing with. Once completed you will experience more ease, more fulfillment and happiness in your life.

Over time and with application you will discover that reprogramming your thoughts, feelings and actions will bring you to a place of re-integration. The positive changes you have made will be seamlessly incorporated into other aspects of your life. Change is often a necessity in our lives and should not be perceived as bad. We resist what we do not understand and we deflect change because we have fear of what may happen. But please realize that change can be good. Staying proactive and allowing change when needed is not losing control. It allows you to stay in control of your life so that you can be happy, healthy and wise, pursuing new levels of freedom in finding your purpose for living.  

“Change is in the air. This change reminds us that we are made and beautifully sculpted by the same power that is orchestrating this transition. Let this be the season you embrace and align your self with this change.”

Steve Maraboli

In order to begin 2011 successfully and to excel in your life, you need to start setting smart goals. In short you must have a plan; a decisive strategy of reaching your goals. The strategy must be comprehensive and must provide proper guidance in all situations so that you always know what to do, no matter what.  

When setting smart goals, you must ensure that they are worth the effort. Consider the specific advantages that you will enjoy if you succeed and the consequences if the choices you make are wrong. This is what should inspire you to right away begin setting smart goals which are also achievable. This way you will know what you want and where you want to be this year and not wait until the end of 2011 looking back with regrets.

Look at your current position and then see where you want to be in future. Ask yourself the question; is there anything that can hinder me from being successful? This way you are creating the right mentality to tackle challenges. Then set smart goals and always remember to review them periodically. Do not wait until it is too late to achieve your goal for 2011 or accomplish what YOU need to excel in your life.

Remember, you will encounter difficulties and road blocks as you maneuver throughout the year. Whenever those problematic situations rise up in life, always consider what motivated you in the first place. Do not lose sight of your vision for what you imagine for yourself. This will help raise your spirits to soar above your predicaments, thus the importance of setting smart goals. This is very necessary because challenges tend to make one lose focus and procrastinate. But, if you are determined to change your situation, and rise above the dust and make your goals a reality you must reinforce your mind and focus on what you really want in your life. Do not let anyone or anything detour you. 

The level of commitment to a particular cause is a matter of what is important to you and what is not. If something really matters to you then you will take it seriously and not let that desire or goal escape your reach. You must not yield to negative influence on your vision and plans. Connect with like minded people that are supportive and are willing to help you reach your goal as they too achieve their own. In addition, make a practice of reminding yourself about your goals and what they mean to you. When you value your goals and understand their importance to you, you will surely excel.

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

Henry Ford

To be motivated and release your full potential involves strong mind power. It is believed that most anything can be achieved using the tools of the mind! This involves using positive thinking and will power to motivate you toward a goal. In a person’s lifetime you will have many goals to aspire to and challenges to overcome, and it is important to make sure that you keep motivated in order to live life to its fullest!

Positive thinking is one of the key elements to getting motivated. This tool can be used in every situation. It is common when faced with a problem or challenge to think negatively about the situation. Usually it is the first thing that pops into our heads, which makes it hard to think about it in a positive light, but that’s exactly what we have to do: just find a positive, no matter how minute it may be and focus on it. It can be the most difficult task to focus on something positive when we are faced with devastating situations in our life, but we must overcome negative thinking and replace it with positive thoughts so we can release our full potential.

To get yourself motivated toward something you want to do, keep it small at first. Many people for example when they are trying to diet will try to do it all at once. This unrealistic plan can lead to failure. If small steps are initially taken such as cutting out the snacks for a week or cutting back on red meat the next week, the small steps may more easily add up to the ultimate goal of weight loss. Small successes are important to keeping yourself motivated.

I taught my children to not look at projects they were assigned all at once, lest they become overwhelmed. I told them to break it up into small segments and attack those tasks individually. When they did that they found they could overcome their fear and reluctance and reach their goal.

Another creative idea is to grant yourself a reward for staying motivated. Kids get rewards all the time, but what about adults? Is it wrong to reward yourself? No, it is not!  Attack your tasks, release your potential, accomplish your goals and the rewards will come.

Motivation can be achieved and potentially unleashed…it’s all in the way you think and feel about it!

“Ineffective people live day after day with unused potential. They experience synergy only in small, peripheral ways in their lives. But creative experiences can be produced regularly, consistently, almost daily in people’s lives. It requires enormous personal security and openness and a spirit of adventure.” Stephen R. Covey

Thailand 1

Do you have children? Grandchildren? Niece or nephew? Maybe you’ve bonded with some of the neighborhood kids. Just for a moment, think about a time when you enjoyed a special connection with a child that you’re close to. Maybe it was at a ballgame, or during the holidays, or just playing hopscotch on the sidewalk with the kids on your street. Think about that special time and hold that thought while you read this:

“Most kids are lured into sex slavery because they do not know the deceptive tactics of traffickers. They really think they will be models or Israel 5waitresses. Their parents buy the lies of traffickers.

“‘Just sign here,’ they tell the parents, who never see their daughters again.

“What if we could warn children and their parents ahead of time? What if we could teach them about the lies traffickers use – and how to stand up against them?

“The rate of trafficking would drop and millions of kids would be saved from ever entering the dark world of trafficking.” Excerpt from “The Born2Fly Project” brochure.

Wow. So now, thinking about that special child in your life, what would you do to make sure they are safe from a fate that enslaves 100,000 children in the U.S. today? A trafficker will pay about $300 for a child. What would you do to keep your child — or any child — out of the hands of traffickers? Read on. You’ll find out that safety is not nearly that difficult or expensive.

B2F Blue Bar Email Header

10 Questions with Diana Scimone, director of Born2Fly

Diana Scimone

1. Tell me about your business, charity or cause.

The Born to Fly Project works to stop child trafficking, both globally and locally.  Each year more than a million kids are lured into modern-day slavery where they’re raped for profit 30 or 40 times a night—night after night. Some of them are just 4 years old. Many are right in the U.S.

Most kids are lured into sex slavery because they don’t know the deceptive tactics of traffickers. What if we could warn children and their parents ahead of time? What if we could teach them about the lies traffickers use—and how to stand up against them? The rate of trafficking would drop and millions of kids would never enter the dark world of trafficking.

That’s what the Born to Fly Project is all about: educating kids and their parents about the dangers of trafficking, with the ultimate goal of ending it. The centerpiece is a wordless book that teaches kids to make wise choices—wordless so we don’t have to translate it into hundreds of languages. A companion curriculum will reinforce the important concepts in the book.

Zimbabwe 1

Right now the artist Leah Wiedemer is finishing illustrations for the wordless book, and I’m working on the curriculum.  This fall we’ll scan all Leah’s illustrations, and a designer will do the layout. Then we’ll be ready to print…and finally distribute!

2. What keeps you up at night?

Ideas! I’m definitely an idea person, and sometimes it’s hard to shut off the idea machine. I end up doing a lot of middle-of-the-night writing and emailing—just so I can get things out of my brain and onto paper (or someone else’s desk), and then get back to sleep.

3.  Who gives you the best advice about your business, charity or cause?

I read a lot of blogsBeth Kanter, Chris Brogan, Seth Godin, and John Stanko.  John is on my board.  All of them have different advice and always useful; I may not need it right away, but hopefully it’s filed away somewhere in my brain for when I do need it.

Three books that have really impacted me are Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t by Jim Collins, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World: An Entrepreneur’s Odyssey to Educate the World’s Children by John Wood, and Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.

4. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Hanging in my office are 16 framed photos of children I’ve met around the world—Sudan, Zimbabwe, Thailand, China, and elsewhere.  I know the names of only a few of them; one is a baby named Han, whom I cared for at an orphanage in China where I volunteered 15 years ago. I’ve been to more than 40 countries as a journalist writing about issues of justice—and I’ve taken an awful lot of pictures, but no matter where I go, when I get home, it’s the photos of kids that jump out at me.

Most of these photos were taken long before Born to Fly was born, but it’s as if these kids were calling out to me way back when saying, “You took our picture—now don’t forget us. You might not be able to help us, but there are others you can help.”  Some of those countries were not easy to travel to or visit, but I knew I was supposed to go and tell the stories of people who live there and endure so much. It was on those trips—particularly to India and Thailand—where I began to learn about child sex trafficking and knew I had to do something.

5.  What would you like to see happen with your business, charity, cause?

I’d like to be out of a job!  Someday I hope we can remove the words “child trafficking” from the dictionary.  Call me crazy (and people have), but I think we can do it.  I wouldn’t do what I do if I didn’t have hope.

6. Share a failure and a triumphant outcome to something you have faced in your life. Diana Scimone with children

How much room do we have? One that jumps out at me is Han—probably because I just told you about her.  The orphanage where she lived was pretty awful, and the staff were doing the best they could under grim conditions, but let’s just say it was not a pleasant place. Han was very sick and the meager medicine she was getting was not really helping her. The day our team left was very difficult.  You can imagine how hard it was for us to leave these kids, knowing we were going back to our nice, clean homes.

About 9 months later the director of the charity called me from China to say that Han had died.  He wanted me to know that someone was holding her and rocking her at the time—that she wasn’t alone like so many other orphans when they die.  That was some small comfort.

At the time I got that call, I’d just finished an article for a major Christian magazine about orphans in China. Han was, of course, a big part of that article. I called the editor and asked if we could add a few lines about her death. We already had a blurb at the end with an address where people could donate to the charity. We squeezed in her photo and a few lines about her death.  That article raised more than $15,000 for the organization I helped with.  It was almost as if Han’s death—a child no one knew on the other side of the world—had a purpose. She wasn’t forgotten. (Han is pictured below.)

China 19--orphanage

7.  If you were in charge of everything in the world for a day, what’s the first change you would make?

I’m pretty big on prayer, so I’d probably have everyone stop, drop, and pray for a day!

8.  What surprises people about you?

That I love sports—not participating but watching.  I love football, love the NFL (go Redskins), and after 25 years of living in the south, I’m finally learning to love college football.  I love soccer, too, and went to one of the World Cup games when it was in the US in the 1990s.  Every four years when the World Cup rolls around, I have my schedule right by the TV and watch as many games as I can. In 2006 I was in Mexico when their national team played in the World Cup, and it was so fun to be there and watch the entire country shut down as everyone huddled around TV screens in malls, streets, and anywhere they could. I was right there with them!

9.  What has surprised you recently?

Being named as one of the Top Ten Women Warriors of Twitter!  That was a surprise (and a nice one) to find myself on the same list as Oprah and Queen Rania of Jordan. I think I’ve finally started breathing again.

10.  What are some hidden talents [or interests?] that people don’t know about you?

I love dance. I studied ballet when I was 3, but a budding career was ended at 5 for unknown reasons.  I picked it back up again in my mid 30s and one day came to the tragic realization that the New York City Ballet simply did not have me on their radar screen.  Today I take Funiq twice a week—a “fun and unique” workout that combines Latin dance, hip hop, kickboxing, cardio, Pilates, and more.  In my dreams, I’m in Swan Lake.

Let’s get back to Born To Fly. Tell us about the 09-09-09 Twitterthon, and how our readers can help.

Varanasi, India 1

It’s a 1-day fundraiser for the Born to Fly Project to stop child sex trafficking: 9,000 people each giving $9 on 9/9/09.

The books and curriculum are nearly complete so we’re raising funds to print them and give them to at-risk kids and parents around the world. We’re asking people to:

  • Donate: Go to and use the Chip-in widget to donate $9. At any of these links look for the Chip-in widget to make a contribution to this valuable cause.
  • Email: Tell 9 people about 09-09-09 and send them to
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  • Twitter: Tweet about it. Follow @09_09_09. Add a Twibbon after you’ve donated.
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Diana Scimone is a journalist who has traveled to more then 40 countries including Sudan, Zimbabwe, Thailand, and India. She founded Born to Fly to respond to the critical needs she has seen among the world’s children. Born to Fly has helped AIDS orphans, street kids, and children devastated by earthquakes, hurricanes, and the tsunami. Today our sole focus is working to stop child trafficking in the U.S. and abroad.