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The one thing we can count on in life is change. We usually have an aversion to, and even a fear of, change. Sometimes change is inevitable. Sometimes change is needed and should be accepted. Why then do we resist it so much?  

I think the answer lies in control. We have difficulty with change because we perceive it to be a loss of control. Change is not bad and at times is a source of rejuvenation. It provides zest in our lives. It challenges what it touches, forcing adaptation and improvement. It realigns you with your values.

How then do we accept change and incorporate it into our life so that it is acceptable?

1. Recognize
2. Reflect
3. Release
4. Replace
5. Reprogram
6. Re-Integration

First, recognize that change is necessary. It may manifest itself as discomfort, either physical or emotional. You may notice tension or stress, or disrupted sleep. Your appetite may change or you may become impatient, frustrated or discontent.  This lets you know that something must change in your life. The question is then asked, “What must change?”

This is a good time to reflect on your life. What is the source of the discomfort or stress? You must discover what is affecting you emotionally and physically in a negative way. Upon reflection you must remind yourself of your purpose. Discover what is not in agreement with your values or what contradicts or inhibits your growth and pursuit of your purpose.

After you have identified what stresses you or inhibits your life, release it. You must let go of that which is holding you back. When you release this frustration and stress you will notice a change and a difference within you, a spaciousness of freedom.

Now, this sense of spaciousness may in fact begin to feel like an emptiness that needs to be filled. You have the option to replace the negative which wasn’t serving you, with a positive: something that is more aligned with your core values. You must make the choice to be positive and proactive in filling that emptiness.

Once the detrimental aspect has been replaced with something positive, reprogramming is necessary. You must learn how to incorporate this new dynamic into your life. You have the opportunity now to reprogram the way you think and live more positively, relieving your life from stress and frustration you have been dealing with. Once completed you will experience more ease, more fulfillment and happiness in your life.

Over time and with application you will discover that reprogramming your thoughts, feelings and actions will bring you to a place of re-integration. The positive changes you have made will be seamlessly incorporated into other aspects of your life. Change is often a necessity in our lives and should not be perceived as bad. We resist what we do not understand and we deflect change because we have fear of what may happen. But please realize that change can be good. Staying proactive and allowing change when needed is not losing control. It allows you to stay in control of your life so that you can be happy, healthy and wise, pursuing new levels of freedom in finding your purpose for living.  

“Change is in the air. This change reminds us that we are made and beautifully sculpted by the same power that is orchestrating this transition. Let this be the season you embrace and align your self with this change.”

Steve Maraboli