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Throughout our lives starting in childhood we deal with self esteem issues. Unfortunately, many adults do not recognize the significance of their interactions with children and they miss opportunities to increase self esteem as they grow and develop. Lack of self esteem may not always be apparent but it can have enormous impact on quality of life. Children who suffer from low self esteem often have a lack of confidence in their abilities that follows them into adulthood. 
The good news is that there are many tips to building self esteem that can help all of us.

6 powerful ways to build your self esteem:

1. Recognize that you are valuable. All of us have something to offer this world. And you have something special that adds value to other people. It may be your words, your ideas, or your soothing demeanor. Recognizing what is special about you and using that to help others is an excellent confidence building strategy.

2. Examine the internal self. Take a close look at YOU. Recognize what is important to you and articulate your personal values. When you know what is important to you, what captures your attention; it is easier to overcome a lack of self esteem by focusing on what you want out of life. Focusing on your goals and objectives gives you the motivation to move forward and increase confidence. It is a powerful way for boosting self esteem.

3. Take care of yourself. Boosting self esteem starts with self awareness. You must take the time to care for your mind and body. When you live an active lifestyle and take time to meditate and think, it makes you more aware of yourself and is a huge boost for confidence and self esteem. What better confidence building action is there than to take care of yourself?

4. Be observant. Your confidence comes from being aware of your surroundings. Observe and examine what is happening and listen to what is being said. You will discover that you can identify ways to help others that you never realized before. Therefore, instead of worrying about your self, you can do something good by observing and helping others. You finally see beyond yourself and by doing that, you discover what you are meant to do.

5. Walk confidently. There are many ways that people demonstrate their self confidence. The way you walk and carry yourself and your physical appearance says volumes about your self confidence – or lack thereof. Stand tall, be assertive, and reach out to others. Speak clearly and succinctly. People who slouch, whisper, and sit back from the group are often believed to have a lack of self confidence and low self esteem. Take control and walk confidently, and you will boost your self confidence and increase your self esteem.

6. Focus on others. When you focus only on yourself and your perceived flaws, you lose sight of others and their needs. When you listen to what people say, you learn and you perceive and you can help. But just as important, you can encourage and make a difference. You can feel like you contribute to their welfare which in turn, makes a difference within you. You can become alive and effective when you can encourage others to reach their goals. Encouraging others make you feel more powerful and increases your confidence.

Don’t allow a lack of self esteem to keep you from enjoying life. These 6 powerful tips will go a long way towards confidence building and helping you overcome fears and anxieties in life. They will give you the basis for boosting self esteem so you can live a life filled with adventure and excitement. The best way to go forward in life is to move ahead with confidence.

     “To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.”

Maryanne Williamson