How Is That Stimulus Package Working For You?

Posted: February 16, 2010 by kibler in Uncategorized
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As you are well aware, a year ago President Obama signed into law a very controversial stimulus package to the tune of $787 billion dollars. This plan was to stimulate business and save jobs in all 50 states. So, how is that working where you live?

 Here is what is happening in Florida.


Last year, the state of Florida was awarded $5.54 billion in federal stimulus money and has spent about 19% or $1.03 billion dollars.


Agency /Department Purpose Spent Jobs Created/Saved
Education Employ teachers $778.4 M (24%) 25,912
Transportation Build roads/bridges     93.4 M (7%)     866
Agency Workforce Training/child care     96.5 M (36%)  2,881
Environmental Improve water/sewer     15.3 M (7%)  330
Community Affairs Low-income weatherization     16.5 M (8%)  196
Office of Governor Energy efficiency programs      6.9 M (4%)     60
Law Enforcement Law enforcement support      2.8 M (3%)     81
Children & Families Homeless/Domestic Violence      4.8 M (17%)    87
Agriculture Expand wildfire control       3.1 M (22%)    18
10 other agencies        13.4 M (43%)  115
TOTAL         1 B (19%)  30,647



In 2009 the federal government sent stimulus grants totaling $161 million to state and local governments. Here is the spending rates compare for the states that received the most money.



Agency Stimulus Money Awarded & Spent
1. California $7 B (50%)
2. New York   991.8 M (9%)
3. Texas        1.3 B (15%)
4. Florida        1.2 B (14%)
5. Illinois        2.5 M (36%)
6. Michigan        1.8 B (25%)
7. Pennsylvania   939.1 M (15%)
8. Ohio        1.1 B (18%)
9. North Carolina        1.1 B (21%)
10. Georgia        1.3 B (29%)
40 other states      19.7 B (24%)

The process is definitely slow and of course the need is great every where. Hopefully the “shovel-ready” projects will get started soon in every state and get some people back to work.

How is the stimulus project working in your state? Please let me hear from you.



*Through December 31, based on preliminary reports.SOURCES: Florida Office of Economic Recovery and U.S. Recovery/Accountability and Transparency Board

 Orlando Sentinel

*NOTE: Florida’s totals, obtained from federal data, differ from those being reported in Florida’s state reports.

** Also includes District of Columbia and 7 territories

SOURCE: U.S. Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board



  1. Judy Goss says:

    I saved thousands of dollars on health insurance last year, thank God, because I was laid-off, on Cobra, and have 2 small children. 🙂

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