Points of Disscusion: Vent Your Thoughts Today!

Posted: November 2, 2009 by kibler in Uncategorized
Here are some thoughts that I am sharing so please feel free to respond.  Here is your opportunity to add your own thoughts or discuss something else you would like to vent about. Respond today!


1> 55838200In light of cuts in our University system with increased tuitions,  should colleges rethink the salaries of coaches in college athletics?

  2> Will Congress pass an acceptable health care reform bill this year? Your opinion requested.                                       medical 11

  3>  Will a $250 check really compensate seniors for not getting a Social Security cost-of-living adjustment?

4> Should U.S. Representative Alan Grayson be muzzled? Are some of his rants and statements out of line?   s-GRAYSON-large

 5>  After receiving trillions of dollars in taxpayer bailouts, the nation’s major banks have spent more than $35 million to fight measures aimed at helping individual consumers. Is this right? Let me know your opinion.Bailout program

6>  The nation’s banks complain that if they do not pay bonuses to their executives they will leave. Some of these executives were the same people who were part of the financial downfall. The bank’s contention is that if these executives take their talents elsewhere it will leave the banks in a vacuum. Maybe it should. There are many well qualified people who are capable of losing billions like their predecessors. C’mon give them a chance at those juicy jobs. What’s your opinion?

7>  Is the BCS system for college football the best system for every college competing in the NCAA? Weigh in and share your thoughts.

8>  Should the U.S. stay in Afghanistan and fight? Should we spend the lives of thousands of young soldiers and our nations treasure on a government that we cannot trust? What are your thoughts?

9>  What should we do with California? During this rough economic chapter in the state’s history, our nation’s future may depend on it. What can be done now to get California back on track from financial disaster and are other states in danger of doing the same thing? s_hollywood-sign

10> Will pharmaceutical companies be the real decision makers with health care reform? In the first six months of this year, the pharmaceutical industry spent approximately $609,000 a day to influence lawmakers? Weigh in and give your opinion.

11> Has the stimulus package helped you where you live? Share your thoughts of the money spent or not spent and what you think should happen. Weigh in now. money



  1. Aleksandra says:

    Hi Kibler. Well, I have to say you surely know how to open a can of worms! lol…no really, those are some great points you’re bringing up. Unfortunately, I think that most people in this country miss one big thing: all this bailout, Obama, pharms stuff – it’s all a sales gig. It has nothing to do with what good this will do to everyday Joe – These guys are masters of selling their ideas. That’s why most of the time they get to push the little guy any way they choose. As long as enough of the right people buy their ideas they will do what they want to do.

    Glad I stopped by, interesting blog =)

    • kibler says:

      Hi and thanks for your response. I do agree with you that we definitely get caught up in all the rhetoric and sales blitz being promoted and no one ever really wants to get down to the issues. The issues that really mean something to the average person in this country. And it is a shame. A country that has the potentional to offer and do so much for the average Joe, seems stagnated and paralyzed to really make things happen to make a difference. Maybe some day we will wak up and see what is really going on in this country. I just hope it is not too late.

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